Entrance to the Naturfotograf.com legacy site
This is the Naturfotograf legacy site, now an independent part of Nikongear.com. Click the link or the image above to enter. The site is kept for reference but will no longer be updated. Further development will be taking place at Nikongear.com.

Although Nikongear.com is mainly a subscriber site, the legacy content and, eventually, its revamped version will continue to be freely accessible for all.


Nikongear.com portal

Run by partners Dallas Dahms (South Africa) and Bjørn Rørslett (Norway), Nikongear.com is an international community and in-depth resource for photographers world wide. The members all share a passion for photography and are eager to exhibit and discuss their work. Explore the site by following this link, or click the logo above.

The unified NEW portal for Nikkor lenses can be reached here. The portal is open to anyone interested in learning more on various Nikkor lenses. You will find reviews, rating, user experiences, sample pictures, and more. There are progress test reports and Q & A sections for which a basic subscription is needed, though. Come over and have a look.


Ultraviolet Flowers

Ultraviolet Photography

Infrared Photography

The old sections on invisible light photography (UV and IR) and UV flowers will be republished separately at Ultravioletphotography.com. Here also my forays into infrared photography will find a new home. This site is under construction so do have patience. All in due time. I expect to add a large number of new species documentary UV shots during 2012.

Meanwhile, use the legacy site to gain access to my contributions on UV and IR photography.

Last update 30 December, 2011