Main Features:
  • 2.74 Megapixels
  • 4.5 images per second
  • Up to 21 images continously
  • Top shutter speed: 1/16000 sec
  • Shortest flash sync speed: 1/500 sec
  • ISO range 200 til 1600
  • 3D Digital Matrix with tone level compensation

    Tokyo, Japan, 15. June, 1999 ---- Today, Nikon launches the most sophisticated digital SLR camera; D1. This camera features high image quality, high shooting speed and enhanced operational ease.

    D1 sports a water-resistant body made of magnesium alloy to stand up to professional demand. It has a 23.7x 15.6 mm CCD chip with a record-high capacity of 2.74 Megapixels and is able to record 3x12 bit colour images. Digital output can be in raw or compressed format and is transmitted to PC/Mac either through Firewire or PC Card.
    A 1005 pixel CCD chip gives D1 3D Digital Matrix Image Control (3D Matrix Colour Metering, TTL white balance and Tone Level Compensation). Metering modes and operational features closely resemble the current top-of-the-line F5

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