Water Images by Jan Magnus Reneflot

Triangularity Blue and Yellow Breaking the Waves Enigmatic Reflections Dew on Alpine Moss
Ice Structure A Rainy Day Water Colours Twisted Trees Eroded Rocks

Water as a photographic subject!

Water is a most exiting subject, and it contains an infinite number of varieties, either when it occurs as a liquid or frozen medium. The variety of subjects invites just as much to a creative interpretation as to a straightforward reproduction of the subject. Mainly my photographs are abstractions where emphasis is put on the unexpected, and on the aesthetic, elements in connection with water, ice and snow. This is my background for my ongoing book project, dealing with water in its various shapes. Some of the images are presented here on this Web site for you to enjoy.

The importance of water to all life

The subject of my book is more important than ever; clean water is an increasingly scarce natural resource. All life originates in water, and depends on water. The focus on the environment and protection of nature is dominant in Norway, as elsewhere in the world. The question of access to clean water is a global matter that has not yet been sufficiently settled. You may regard this book as a contribution to increase our conscience on the value of water for future generations.

A different book on adventure

This will be a book for pure aesthetics, for people interested in art as well as all photographers. The text comprises short poems by a poet free to interpret his impressions of the photographs. Contact the author at the address below for more information about this exciting project,

Fotorefleksjoner Jan Magnus Reneflot

'Rugdevn. 2A, N-1406 Ski, Norway