Contemporary Norwegian Mountain Photography

Svein Holo/BioFoto 1999


Me, my red Peugeot and the new awe-inspiring Nikkor 500 mm f/11 ED lens for large-format camera. Here it is mounted on my 4x5" Arca-Swiss F-line camera. The tripod contraption is my own custom-made Sachtler "Pentapod". A firm foundation for the camera and a two-point support are mandatory when using such long lenses and the accompanying extreme bellow draw on a view camera. The "Pentapod" fills the bill nicely and still weighs less than 3 kg !

By the way, although the calendar said "Summer", the gale-force wind and biting cold indicated otherwise. My thick all-purpose sweater once again came to the rescue thus enabling me to get my pictures.

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Last Update 1 October, 2002