IR Colour Photography
by Bjørn Rørslett

IR Colour Photography

© Bjørn Rørslett/NN

Want a truly different view of Nature? Infrared (IR) colour photography can provide the alternative you seek. More information and images are found by following the links below.

The rapid maturing of digital photography has ushered in a new era in IR photography. All of a sudden, just about everyone can try out techniques previously considered esoteric. In the digital avalance, IR and UV become two off-stream approaches to a common goal, that of expressing visual detail by invisible rays. Thus, time has come to treat IR and UV photography within a common scope.

A unified approach to digital UV and IR photography is given here, and this will be the new main entry-point and focus for all aspects of IR (and UV),

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Digital UV and IR Photography, But Could Not Afford to Ask

I'll keep the existing Web pages on various IR topics so as not to break Web links. Still, some of the older information can provide insights of interest. The links are listed below.

Film-based IR Approaches:

Various Digital IR Approaches (older articles):

Note these links are no longer actively updated.

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Last Update 1 October, 2002