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Nature Photography Societies in Norway
There are two Norwegian associations of nature photography. They can be reached at the addresses given below. BioFoto is open to any photographer mastering a Scandinavian language, whilst NN is a professional society with strict admission requirements and an entrance examination. I'm a member of NN.

Forening for naturfotografer
Norske naturfotografer
Mail to:

Other Norwegian Photographic links

There are a multitude of Norwegian sites of potential interest to the aspiring and professional nature photographer. Some sites well worth a visit are listed below, in no particular sequence whatsoever,

SAMFOTO (My Stock Agency)
Foto Dot NO (Comprises a great second-hand gear section, and lots of user-submitted pictures)
Photographica Øystein Søbye
Bizzphoto by Aleksander Jacobsen (he is crazy in a way that suits my mind ...)
Jon Grepstad's Pinhole Photography Site
Grenseland Fotoklubb
Håkon Grønning's Photography Site
Lars Andreas Dybvik invites you to take a LOOK
Galleri Dag Rørslett
Galleri NOR

On to the Global Scene:

Although the net is awash with link and summary sites, some contain so much information as to make their inclusion here inevitable.

David Ruether's site, for example, is filled with useful information on Nikon equipment. His column ("I babble") evaluates a large number of Nikon lenses. My own tests frequently agree with his results.

The Dutch site of W.J. Markerink is a gateway for Infrared Photography.

A recent link collection provides many useful references to Nikkor and third-party lenses.

If you want to focus on the images and their visual expressions, then enjoy a site such as found at Movers of Light. For the Nikon-orientated aficinado, the new Nikongear site holds promise. Another interesting site is, where many of the passionate UV/IR users hang out.

Lloyd Chambers runs, a site which presents articles, blog, and IR stuff. Well worth a visit.

Science Photo Library of London, UK, will handle my scientific images for the international market.

Other links, mostly of a photographic nature (I said most, not all ..):

I recently cleaned out a lot of dead or broken links

Adding matrix chip to manual Nikkor lenses: It's possible, and it works
AIM: Calibrating with Kodak Q-60
Astrophotography Software: Free Celestial Objects Exposure Calculator
Basic of Focusing Schlieren Systems (For Those Seeking the Invisible ...)
Basics of Strip Photography (For the Experimentally Inclined ..)
Beatiful Moments Frozen in Time (Estonian Nature Photography)
Bibble: Digital Software for raw file conversion (runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux too)
Black-and-white Art Zone: Ultraviolet Photography
Camera Lenses Bokeh
Classical Camera Profiles by Stephen Gandy
Colors of Light
Composite Technique to make UV Colour Images
Converting fisheye images to rectilinear ultawide views
Depth of Field Info
Digital IR Photos with the Nikon Coolpix 950
Digital Photography: Professional Talk Forum
Don's Nikon Links
DX Codes Exposed
Earth and Moon Viewer
Full Sphere Camera
Geoff Doré Landscape Photography
Gray's of Westminster: A UK Heaven for Nikon Fans (With a Wallet to Match)
Handmade Photographic Images
Hasselblad Web Site
High Speed Photography: Putting IR Wizardry to Work
Highest Tripods in the World: Unbelievable contraptions and remote control too
Hoya Filter for Ultraviolet Photography
Infrared Ektachrome (Kodak EIR) specifications
Infrared Gallery
Infrared Monochrome Nature Photography
Invisible Light - Infrared Photography by Andy Finney
Italian Nature Photography by Riccardo Polini
Jochen Brennecke Hyperphotos
Kate and Geir Jordahl: Photographers with nice IR images
Kawasaki Photographs (Very Nice Japanese Photography)
Kirk EnterPrises
Large Format lens tests
Lens Tutorial by David Jacobson for Photo.Net
LEWISVISION (Lewis Lang Photography)
Lightning Photography - Daylight Exposure Control
Light Visions Gallery - Landscape Photography
Luminous Landscape
Lyme Disease: Beware of Ticks!
Malie Rich-Griffith: Nature and Travel Photography
Moonlight Landscapes Exposure
Movers Of Light: A website for photographic excellence
Nature Photo Index: Nature Photography Resources on the Net
Netlook Photographic Magazine
New York Institute of Photography
Night Photography Nocturnes
NightSea Home: Underwater Fluorescence Photography Made Easy
Nikkor Club Deutschland: Nikonese the German way
Nikon Classics
Nikon D1 Users Group
Nikon Europe
Nikon F Metering Prisms and Finders
Nikon F100 Review
Nikon F4 FAQ
Nikon F5 Battery Issues
Nikon Historical Society
Nikonians: The Friendly Nikon Users Community
Nikon Lens Specifications
Nikon Lens Serial Numbers
Nikonlinks.COM (Don Ferrario)
Nikon Links by N. Vaughan
Nikon Mailing List
Nikon Photo Products Division
Nikkor Lens Mounts
Noblex Panoramic Cameras
NOVOFLEX: A German supplier of photographic odds and ends
Outbackphoto: Digital Photography in Nature
PC Resources for Photoshop
Philosophy of Photography (discussion group)
PIE: Digital Photo Information Extraction and Viewing
Pinhole Resource: Eric Renner
Pinhole Visions
Quantum Mechanics: Digital Image Processing
QImage Pro: Digital Darkroom and processing of NEF files
Rangefinder Network: The oldies are still alive and kicking
Reading MFT Curves
Really Right Stuff: Perhaps What You Really Need?
Roger Spencer Photography
Sachtler: The Leader in Camera Supports
Sal Sessa's Event Photography
Scanning Tips: Get the most out of your flatbed
Schott UG Filters for Ultraviolet Photography
SilverFast: The best Software for Scanners
S.K. Grimes - Services for the Large Format Photographer
Sky & Telescope's Guide to Photographing Comets
Sunrise Photography
Tasmanian Wilderness by Geoff Murray (no Tasmanian devil, but beatiful landscapes and a well-hidden Norwegian connection too)
Tony Sleep Photography: A Treasure Chest for the Scanning Enthusiast
Ultraviolet Aerial Photography Helps Tracking Polar Bears
Ultraviolet and UV Lamps
Ultraviolet Diagnostic Photography
Ultraviolet Flowers
Ultraviolet Information Page
Ultraviolet Japanese Flowers
Ultraviolet Photography by Thomas Hogan
Ultraviolet Weed Control Experiment
Underwater Fluorescence Photography by Charles Mazel
Underwater Photography by David Doubilet
Underwater Photography in Black-and-White
Unusual Photo Tips & Tricks
Virtual Flora (In Swedish, with species names in a number of languages)
Vito Lorusso Home Page (Beautiful underwater photography)
Wildlight Magazine
Wimberley Tripod Head: A Cradle For Really Long Toms
Windows 95 Annoyances
WWW Photo Zone
Zone System 18% Gray
Zörkendorfer: Ingenious Devices for the DIY Photographer

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