The Long March Towards Revolution: AFS 70-200 mm f/2.8 G ED IF VR Nikkor Reviewed

by Bjørn Rørslett  

7. Summary and Conclusions

This addition to the stabilised stable of Nikkors has been long awaited. Without doubt the wait did deliver an excellent lens with a lot of positive surprises, besides some (likely unavoidable) negative traits. The important point here is that you get a package crammed with optical and technological achievements, which combine to make this lens a highly versatile tool for virtually all photographers. This lens may be expensive but it certainly offers the results you've paid for. Its poor performance for back-lit scenes is a draw-back only if you cannot work around this issue, so provided the photographer is up to the task, the VR lens still delivers. The attractive bokeh will endear the 70-200 VR to its users as well.

Winter Forest

Put VR capability through its paces for creating your own visions. This feature may expand your image-making potential under low-light situations.

Here, in the woods at dusk, I managed to get precisely the image I'd envisioned .

(D1H, AFS 70-200 mm VR lens @105 mm f/8, 1/2 sec, VR mode Active)

© Bjørn Rørslett/NN 2003


This lens is slated to become a legendary Nikkor, offering excellent optical performance and a VR system which does its job in a truly professional manner. A pity for Nikon I'm not a candidate buyer of this lens, but Nikon probably isn't too bothered because a host of other people certainly will line up to purchase this lens.

The Long March Towards Revolution: AFS 70-200 mm f/2.8 G ED IF VR Nikkor Reviewed

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Last update 29 July, 2004