Nikon D70 Digital Camera Reviewed

by Bjørn Rørslett  

8. Summing Up

Nikon D70 has up to now been an interesting experience. The camera is inobtrusive, small and light-weight, yet a very capable performer. You do have to gear your attitude and working habits to embrace the possibilites supported by the camera, and not let the annoyance of all those missing features of a professional camera prevent you from utilising the potential which still is there. D70 isn't something I can bring with me as a backup camera and expect to switch effortlessly between this and my D2H for example. It needs getting accustomed to, like a new girl friend, to make it shine on its own. So nice it has the patience to wait for you, indefinitively. More than I could say about some of my girl friends.

I continue to be amazed over the excellent image quality D70 has to offer, and this in combination with its proven capability to record UV images, made my decision to purchase one for myself quite simple. I maintain my beilef that the camera cannot deliver anything on its own, so eventually the end result is determined by the photographer's skills (or lack thereof), not the equipment used. I even recite this statement softly when people's noses turn up at the sight of me with my little black pet. Each to his own. The opportunity to catch your images and fulfill your visions is today, not tomorrow. Use the instrument of your choice to get there.

 National Colours: Red, White, And Blue

Nikon D70, AFS-Nikkor 18-70 mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, 800 "ISO"

© Bjørn Rørslett/NN

For me, the importance of D70 is that I can quite confidently shoot my "cutting-edge" nature photography with it, besides having a light-weight alternative solution for mountain hikes. And getting a new, capable UV camera is always a nice surprise.

Nikon D70 Reviewed

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Last update 28 July, 2004