Ultraviolet Flowers

Cuscuta europaea L. ssp. halophyta (Fr.)Hartm.
Cuscuta europaea ssp. halophyta. Visible light
Visible light
Cuscuta europaea ssp. halophyta. UV light
UV light
(U-360 + BG-38, SB-140)
Both images: Nikon D70 @800 ISO, EL-Nikkor 63 mm f/3.5 with Novoflex Bellows (3:1 magnification)

© Bjørn Rørslett/NN

This parasitic species, Greater Dodder, tends to occur very intermittent in my area and I have been on the outlook for it for several years to no avail. Recently however, by a stroke of luck I ended up shooting the even rarer, Fennoscandian endemic race (ssp. halophyta) of the Greater Dodder for my UV flower series. Sometimes you get more than you have bargained for.

The small, almost porcelaine-delicate corolla of the Dodder absorbs UV light strongly, so is rendered almost black with UV photography. The anthers and stigma tend to fluoresce under UV light and so does indeed the outside of the not yet opened flowers, too.

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Last Update 3 August, 2004