Ultraviolet Flowers

Fragaria viridis Duch.
Fragaria viridis Visible light
Visible light
(L37C filter)
Fragaria viridis. Ultraviolet light
UV light
(Hoya U-360, SB-140)
Nikon D1H, UV-Nikkor 105 mm f/4.5, @800 ISO

Both images © Bjørn Rørslett/NN

It is uncommon for white-flowered species to feature a typical two-zoned UV pattern, but F. viridis does show the familiar bull's eye pattern. The UV marks are not very distinct, however. The petals don't stand out clearly under UV light because they reflect only moderately in UV. Much more UV-reflective areas are the bracts and the anthers.

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Last Update 19 May, 2003