Ultraviolet Flowers

Potentilla rupestris L.

(Drymocallis rupestris (L.)Soják)

Potentilla rupestris. Visible light
Visible light
(L37C filter)
Potentilla rupestris. Ultraviolet light
UV light
(FF + CC20C, SB-140)
Nikon D1H, UV-Nikkor 105 mm f/4.5, @800 ISO

Both images © Bjørn Rørslett/NN

This white-flowered cinquefoil species show similarities to the Fragaria species as far as UV patterns are concerned. Outer areas of the petals have an intermediate UV reflectance, whilst there are areas near the petal base which absorb more strongly. So do the veins and taken together this gives a quite nice pattern to the flower.

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Last Update 16 June, 2006