Best of the Best : A not-too-serious compilation of the best Nikkor lenses

Compiled by Bjørn Rørslett

The most common question I receive from all you people out there is simply this:

Which is the best performing Nikkor of them all?

Of course, this is a nonsensical question. You cannot legitimately compare a wide-angle with a telephoto lens. Still, the public demand a clear-cut answer. So, without further ado, here is the compiled list you all have been asking for.

Some of these groups should be populated with additional lenses of similar quality, this in particular applies to the 85-200 mm and long lens areas. Or, the zoom lenses could be split into more sub-entries. However, a cut-off had to be set somewhere. It isn't easy to deal with an array of quality products. So be it.

The position of a lens in each category is mainly a matter of taste or needs and should not be taken as set in stone. To avoid the wide-spread misconception that the list implies a ranking within each group, I now have removed the numbering of the entries. Treat them as peers. Thus, each candidate is a top-notch, professional-quality performer. Your own shooting habits dictate which one is the better for you. Use them for taking splendid images, please don't let any of these lenses be stood on collector's shelves. They don't deserve such an ill fate.

The lens review pages will provide further details of all these lenses. Enjoy and remember, this list isn't for real. Being an Oracle isn't that easy either, but I perform better for every new day.

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Last update 12 April, 2008