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If you want to get into contact with me, the easiest way for most people is using However, please note that my spam-blocking filters are set to the highest protection levels, so if you try to send me HTML-formatted e-mails, they are unlikely to get through. Use ordinary text-formatted mail instead. If in doubt, request e-mail notification to ensure the mail got through. This measure has proven absolutely necessary due to the proliferation of spam and virus-infected e-mails I got earlier. When I closed down my former e-mail account, I received an average of 200 malicious e-mails per day. You wouldn't like that, would you? Neither did I.

The principal address can and will change on an irregular basis. Do not store the current address on your computer. Just click on the link above and everything should work. Hopefully, but read the next paragraphs as well.

Sometimes, my e-mail provider chokes on junk mail and business mails simply get caught in the ensuing jumble. Nothing of value gets through. I have no way of controlling this.

For people smart enough to decode my alternative e-mail address, this is the one to use instead. It will not change over time and is routed differently. You should start with my first name (spelled the horrible, unpronounceable, distorted way English-speaking people are wont to), add the @, then look at my web site's domain name, and add the dotcom part as well. Taken together all this will constitute a valid e-mail address. Use that if you want to make sure the mail gets through. Be warned that this address should NEVER be publicly distributed or posted on any web site, or I'm back to the junk mail flooding of yesterday.

Please understand there is a limit to the number of questions I can handle, both because I'm travelling a lot and even more due to my trying to eke a living out of photography, so my time is getting more and more precious. Still, I like to help people and it won't hurt to ask. Hower, there will be periods in which I cannot answer e-mails, or able only to answer a few. Also please understand that while you may feel free to write at length, I have to be very brief in answering. Ponder the matter and you'll understand why.

Another issue is that I sometimes may be busy doing something else, so although I could answer, I haven't the time to do so. Some answers demand more than just yes or no and this eats my precious time. I have experienced people getting rude when they understand I know but won't/can't answer then go on to deluging me with more e-mails DEMANDING that I have to answer. For heavens' sake, what's on such people's minds? Needless to say, such pests will be put on the spam filter list. I do not have any obligations to answer anyone, I'm not a public servant and the lack of civilised behavior some people exhibit is terrible.

You can save yourself some trouble by NOT asking why there is no review of that 28-300 f/xx to f/nothing consumer plastic zoom you lust for, because the answer to that frequently asked question is given on the opening page of my Lens Review Section.

However, whatever the reason for mailing me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do supply a valid e-mail address. You'd be surprised how many people out there ask for advice but cannot be reached afterwards when I try to reply. What a waste of bandwidth and my time, too. It happens every day.

The newest madness is the ISP practice of "abuse-blocking" done with mechanical, robotic care and consideration. Since this dubious practice is done on IP address level, not by domains, you could find yourself being blocked because a scammer happens to be hosted by your own ISP.

Users of COMCAST@NET beware: Your ISP actively blocks certain other ISPs including both my home and office ISPs. I cannot answer your e-mails, my mail will be rejected on your side. So much for the freedom of the Internet.

When a valid e-mail address isn't provided, or that blocking is in effect, there is nothing I can do. Sorry, but such are our times.

I can also be reached by telephone,

(+47) 90 60 03 90 (mobile)

(+47) 22 18 23 29 (evening)


Postal Address: Bjørn Rørslett, Kongsberggt. 13, N-0468 Oslo, Norway


Please note the following:

I'm NOT interested under any circumstances to participate in so-called "royalty-free" business projects. Please don't waste my time with unwanted solicitations to this end, they invariably will be rejected.

The same applies to link interchange for web sites.


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Last Update 8 September, 2007