CV: Bjørn Rørslett

Professional Nature Photographer & Senior Scientist


Key qualifications:

Botany: Aquatic Macrophyte Ecology; Statistical Ecology; Hydropower Impact Assessment; Acidification Processes
Computer Science: Programming; Digital Image Processing; Statistical Analysis; Time Series and Spectral Analysis
Limnology: Underwater Optics; Modelling Attenuation and Refractive Processes
Photography: Nature Photography, Macrophotography, Underwater Photography


1985: PhD., University of Lund, Sweden (Statistical Ecology)
1965-date Professional Photography


Professional Societies:

BioFoto Association of Nature Photographers
NN Norwegian Nature Photographers


Member of boards, etc.:

Member of: Editorial board of Aquatic Ecology
acting as a referee to
Acta Botanica Fennici
Annales Botanici Fennici
Aquatic Botany
Aquatic Ecology
Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Boreal Environment Research
Freshwater Biology
Holarctic Ecology
Journal of Aquatic Plant Management
Marine Biology
Nordic Journal of Botany
Regulated Rivers Research and Management



More than 120 scientific publications comprising: Journal papers, book chapters and commissioned reports. Some recently published scientific papers are listed below.

Rørslett, B. 1991. Principal determinants of aquatic macrophyte richness in northern European lakes. Aquat. Bot. 39: 173-193.

Rørslett, B. 1996. Modelling of underwater light in freshwater lakes using survival and failure time analysis. Freshwater Biol. 35: 11-24.

Rørslett, B. & Johansen, S.W. 1995. Dynamic response of the submerged macrophyte, Isoëtes lacustris, to alternating light levels under field conditions. Aquat. Bot. 51: 223-242.

Rørslett, B. & Johansen,S.W. 1996. Remedial measures connected with aquatic macrophyte problems on Norwegian regulated rivers and reservoirs. Regul. Rivers 12: 509-522.

Rørslett, B., Hawes, I. & Schwarz, A.-M. 1997. Features of the underwater light field just below the surface in some New Zealand waters. Freshwater Biology, 37: 441-454.

Rørslett, B., Schwarz, A.-M. & Hawes, I. 1996. Underwater light profiles in some New Zealand lakes: a comparison of log-linear and Weibull models. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 30: 477-484.



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Last Update 1 October, 2002