Alt som kan gå galt går galt og alt som ikke kan gå galt, går galt likevel


This rather cryptic title is the Norwegian equivalent of the infamous Murphy's Law.

This Law, being of a Universal Nature, applies to digital photography as well - of course.

So, just 1 hour after returning my review sample of the D200 and having started to collect the image files onto the file server for my review, my Linux-based local mail and file server crashed. Totally. Kaput. Gone.

I've been assessing the damages brought to bear from this incident and see that I might be able to consolidate at least some of the test images from alternate sources. Since these files were so early in the image workflow, they had not the bullet-proof backup support (presumably) valid for the finalised images. A pity and lots of work that needs to be redone, but it seems doable and I've "only" lost about one week's worth of post-processing.

Then, having established that my test images had suffered a disasterous blow but should be recoverable to a some extent, I began looking into the mail system and found to my dismay that the local mail client not only had downloaded e-mail messages from the central server, it had also, diligently but unnoticed, deleted the messages as well. So in effect all e-mails for the last 6 months have disappeared into the big cybernetic void. Those included all requests for tutoring and field trips, plus the details for a pending sale of images to Oxford University Press (hopefully their Book Editor will inquiry for images not received as promised in a day or two).

At this stage of the affairs I did the only sensible thing, left the digital mess behind and went to help myself to a mint Nikon S3 "2000" rangefinder, still in its unopened box. Set me back a cool $ 5.000 but helped lift my spirits above Ground Zero level. Now is time to grab some beers and listen to high-volume psychodelic rock music. Eventually, tomorrow dawns, but that's another story.

So, I have to slide the publication date for my D200 review towards the end of January, 2006. Sorry but such things do happen. And yes, I do have RAID disks, but even these do obey Murphy's law. What annoys me the most about this disk crash affair isn't the crash itself, because I have experienced quite a number of them the last 5-6 years and due to my backup routines and RAID arrays, never lost data. But this time I did, because I hadn't tested in depth to ensure that the setup was working as it should. And of course, now I'm looking at a computer mess instead of focusing on writing the review of D200.




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Last Update 5 January, 2006