Water Lobelias at Dusk

Click the hotspots on the image above to bring up other Lobelia scenes. Is there an answer to my commitment there? I do not know and could not care less.

Bjørn Rørslett
Nature Photographer

Water Lobelia (Lobelia dortmanna) is a favourite subject of mine. Why I should be so deeply involved with this modest and unassuming little plant of soft-water lakes is an enigma to me. Suffice to say I spent more film on this motive than anything else (excepting my endearing
dandelions, of course).

Here is a map of its Nordic distribution. Lobelia also occurs in the British Isles, Continental Europe and North America.

All through my website, I try to show the various ways in which Nature can be captured in images. These are my very own and personal photographic expressions. A number of people like them, but many will (and do) refute those images represent Nature photography at all - no sharpness just blurs, no (well, almost)sunsets, no beautiful landscapes, and so it goes.

Each to his own. There is no such thing as rules set in stone for Nature Photography, and we should be grateful for that. The concept of diversity should give food for thought for all of us, as it relates to our photographic expressions as well as the very subjects we pursue.

I'm just happy to be a keen Nature Photographer and enjoy taking pictures in the field, whether going digital or not, whether acquiring the images by non-visible or by visible light.

All photographic alternatives have their merits and all serve to exhibit the fascinating potential of Nature Photography in its widest sense.

Being a Nature Photographer is a personal gratification. So let it be. And in the digital age, feedback is virtually instantaneous.


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Last Update 8 November, 2002