UV Suns

Sun in visible light
(400-700 nm)

Sun in UV
(300-400 nm)

The main source for ultraviolet (UV) light, the sun changes its appearance dramatically when it is depicted in UV light. Because the UV light field is very diffuse, the sun becomes a hazed area instead of the commonly seen bright sun-star. The entire sky takes on a brighter colour because of the scattered UV light. This easily gives a UV sun-burn even in the shadows, so watch out and measure the UV exposure.

UV images may also be acquired using digital techniques. For an updated review of digital UV and IR photography, click here.

Without polarizer

With polarizer

The UV rendition of the sun also alters when a polarizer is added. Much of the diffuse UV light field then is eliminated by the polarizer to give a jet black sky.

Nikon F4, UV-Nikkor, Wratten 18A equivalent, (Nikon polarizer), Fuji RTP film

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Last Update 1 October, 2002