Final movement

Why move a well-known site to a new URL, and why has it taken so long to move the site? Sure a silly thing to do, returning no benefits at all. You only get complaints from visitors not being able to access their old book-marked URLs and a declining number of visitors as well.

The reasons for this move, and delay, are several. Firstly, the original site at repeatedly was attacked by hackers to the extent that some damage to the main site resulted. As a consequence, site FTP access was blocked by the ISP and I found myself unable to update my own site. Hence moving to a new site became a necessity.

Secondly, although my new domain should be properly registered at Internic, I all of a sudden found myself in a legal crossfire between TWO companies both claiming they had the rights to this domain, and both were billing me for my using it. So, the legal battle had to be fought to its bitter end before I could put my new domain to good use.

And thirdly, my decision to resign from my scientific position to concentrate on nature photography coincided with a period of poor health leading to all sorts of issues. Some of these, at last, are now resolved.

* * *

Whatever the reasons for deployment delay, well, the hiatus is now ended and I'll try my best to keep my visitors satisfied, and giving myself a good time while doing so. In keeping with the philosophy of Philip Greenspun, of fame, most former URLs will continue to function (but as they no longer are updated, the prudent move is to update your bookmarks ...). However, common entry-points into the previous site now simply redirect you to the new front page, in order to speed up the transition from using old to new URL.

Finally, I take the opportunity to stress once more that this site gives priority to information only, that is, content and images weigh far more than form of presentation. I realise this will make my site increasingly being considered old-fashioned in an age where flashy, cluttered, unreadable, and poorly designed web sites are becoming the norm against which all others are judged. But do I care - no, not a bit.


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Last Update 1 October, 2002