Bjørn Rørslett
Professional Nature Photographer

Me and the Nikkor 200 f/2

© Erlend Statle 1997

Me, the wonderful Nikkor 200 f/2 ED-IF lens and the new-fangled Nikon/Kodak DCS 410 camera. All securely mounted atop a Sachtler fluid head on my Sachtler tripod. Now, I run the superb Nikon D1 camera for all my digital photography. Read about it here. Much improved digital picture quality can be obtained with the D1 camera. Later on I switched to D1H and D1X digital cameras, which as of present are my bread-and-butter equipment. Now these are replaced by D2X and D2H units. So it goes.

© Ruth Eckhoff 1995

True to the Nikon tradition, I'm still using my venerable Nikon rangefinders that have served me faithfully for decades. I see no reason why they won't last into the new Millenium as well. Here is my favourite of the Nikon RF line, the elusive black Nikon S3 with the even rarer 21 mm f/4 Nikkor-O lens. Nowadays, I mainly shoot print film with the S3. My 1957-vintage Nikon SP is loaded with b/w C-41 processed film (Ilford XP2).

Having one of these cameras is like caring for an old and reliable friend. You have to use them on a regular basis for field work, or they eventually will cease to function if put on the shelf for exhibition. They pay back with unprecedented user's pleasure.

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Last Update 25 February, 2005