The End of
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The Beginning of

The End

A Green Future for the New
Nikon Digital Camera:

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This page is the portal to my Nikon D1 review and impressions. I have listed the salient links below, so why don't you just click away and explore the various aspects of this fascinating camera for yourself?

Click here to see the camera in details and read my very first impressions of it! From the Press Launch.

Or here, to see the digital dreams of Yours Truly finally coming true. I had used Kodak DCS cameras before, but the D1 certainly was something else. It fitted perfectly into my hands and was a dream to work with, straight away.

Or here, for learning how D1 behaves under rough field conditions when I first availed myself of it. In this section you'll also find comparison shots made by F5 and D1 that should give you some food for thought!

Commencing December, 1999, D1 is now my "bread-and-butter" camera, so Shooting with my D1 should give you the insight into my experiences with it for practical, everyday shooting. The wait is ended, but does the digital era deliver its promised quality? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of going digital for nature photographers? Read on.

The latest developments into UV and IR photography with D1 are found at this page. There also is ongoing activity with pure UV work with the D1. In fact, it can be proved that D1 is capable of recording pure UV images. Certainly these are avenues which I'm going to pursue in depth. The first steps are taken with the novel method of creating false-colour IR images with D1.

Whether or not my D1 is going under water, depends entirely on my Aquatica housing. If I can manage to fit D1 inside, I will keep my breath and give it a try. (Update: I didn't succeed in squeezing D1 into the housing, but nevertheless, I obtained true submerged pictures from my D1 - have to publish the approach ...).

For a real venture into the optical off-stream possibilities, check out the story of adapting a circular fisheye lens to the D1.

There is currently a Gallery Page devoted entirely to D1 images.And, finally, don't miss the new story on mountain pictures by D1.


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