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During the recent restructuring of my web site, quite a number of image pages lost their direct access. This was caused mainly by dropping the Java support for navigating the site. Now, I have no plans for adding Java capabilites due to the ever-increasing bug issues with each new browser generation, but still the "lost" pages deserve to be found again.

".. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe ..."
(Quote from Blade Runner, 1982)
© Bjørn Rørslett/NN 1991 Archive Ref. D91072497A  

Inner Landscape True Macro
  Landscape & Travel New Zealand
  Assertive Beetle Chinese Ice Dragon Dazzling Ice Colours     A Kiwi Car Bridges on R. Waimakariri Misty Morning in Fiordland
  Hibernating Duckweeds         Night Rowan Rising Moon and Pine Trees Southern Ratas, Otira Gorge
  Close-Ups & Details
    Surface Waves, R. Rakaia Tussock Land, Lindis Pass Washout Sign, Canterbury
  Moss Heather Derelict Nails Norwegian Folk Art     Weather Change, Westland    
  Rain Drops On Aspen Leaf Rose Petals On Water Spruce Cones     Norway
  Spruce Cones by Waterfall
Toadstools Up Close       Autumn Alpine Hiker City Blues Ebb Tide
Aquatic Plants Lobelia
    Rippled Shores Sunrays and Winter Waterfall Tranquillity
  Early Dusk Flowers and Reflections Lobelia Flowers     Water Line and Sunset Water Spout and Sunset  
  Lobelia Flowers and Setting Sun Specular Impressions Water Lobelia at Dusk   Underwater Miscellaneous
  Water Lobelia at High Noon         Autumn Birch Leaves Breaking Storm Waves and Barnacles Hook, Line, and Sinker
  Other Aquatics
  Jellyfish and Seaweeds Ruth Is Taking Her Morning Bath Spring Ice
  Flowering Aponogeton Hibernating Duckweeds Water Lilies, Westland, NZ   Birds & Animals & Suchlike Miscellaneous
  White Water Lilies         Dwarf Bats Joyride Serious Action
Terrestrial Plants Flowering Plants (Forbs, Herbs)
    Whooper Swans    
  Gentiana in Bracken Field Spring Flowers and Sun Summer Solstice     Insects
  Trees and Bushes
    Assertive Beetle Entangled Dragonfly We're Just Mates
  Birch Catkins and Blue Moon City Lights Night Forest          
  Raspberries in Winter Snowfall and Birches            
  An Alternate Ragweed              

Panoramic Images by XPan Autumn Beeches
  Barbed Wire
  Ice Patterns
  Mountain Sunset
  Outhouse Foundation
  Winter Car
  Winter Road


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