Update 15 Juanuary, 2002: The site has moved to its final URL, and the reasons behind the move and the delay are outlined here.

Update 25 January, 2002: Added the long-awaited review of Nikon S3. Old-timer yes, but what a capable picture-taker it is. Read on for yourself.

Update 31 March, 2002: I'm getting too busy with the practicalities of being a professional photographer these days to get enough time for updating the site. This must change, so added reviews of the AF Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 D and the old-timer 20 mm f/3.5 Nikkor-UD to the lens section of my site. A number of minor additions and corrections are distributed across the web pages, too.

For all asking about the new D100-series digital camera: Yes, I'll review it in depth as soon as I can get one for testing. Same goes for the new AFS-G and AFS-VR Nikkors (lens nomenclature is getting more complex each day). Just be patient and remember: if you cannot get a satisfying picture with your existing camera, chances are high you won't get it with any of the new gadgets either. Let that be enough food for thought while the forthcoming reviews are in the cooking.

Update 4 June, 2002: The D100 review is published.

Update 1 July, 2002: A major restructuring of the site is taking place (behind the curtains as it were). If any broken image links are found after 2 July, I'd appreciate to learn about them. The digital UV + IR arcticle is in its final stages of writing, so stay tuned.

Update 11 July, 2002: I've treated myself to a birthday gift by publishing my essay on digital UV + IR photography. Some minor areas of the essay are still incomplete, but I'll fill in the missing details as soon as possible.

Update 18 July, 2002: Added reviews of the "cheap" Series E Nikon lenses, 28 mm f/2.8 and 35 mm f/2.5, because I purchased them in connection with my UV experiments. Slight editorial changes on the odd pages throughout my site, including the present one (can you spot it?).

Update 25 July, 2002: Added reviews of the super-wide Heliar lenses (12 & 15 mm) for the Bessa and Leica cameras. This was natural because I just bought a black Bessa-L and needed some lenses for it. Soon afterwards, I found a Novoflex LEINIK Nikon-Leica adapter (still in its box) in one of my many drawers. This adapter enables me to mount most Nikkor lenses on the Bessa. OK, so I could have saved myself some financial outlays, but who cares. At least I have a Bessa with fisheye lenses!

I continue the redesign of the site and in this connection I found myself forced to drop support of the Java folding tree menu, which has been a hallmark for many years. However, every new version of Internet Explorer adds new bugs to its Java Virtual Machine, and in a last effort to circumvent the Microsoft-mediated issues, I finally decided to simplify the navigation system. All URLs will continue to work as before, though.

Update 28 July, 2002: Added the first entries to my Ultraviolet Flower Catalogue. This is just for showing people how UV flower patterns may look like. The images displayed are taken for scientific, not aesthical, purposes.

Update 4 August, 2002: More UV flowers are featured. Indulge me, but this is my personal web site...

Update 9-11 August, 2002: Details of the UV response of Canon D60 is given, a world first (at least with its UV response tested by shooting with my UV-Nikkor lens on the Canon) !

A number of minor revisions, mainly textual, are sprinkled over the site pages. I plan to revise the site navigation to allow better image searching, because some images now are harder to locate on the site. Stay tuned.

Update 14 August, 2002: My chip-modified extension tube is finally completed.

Update 7 September, 2002: The last sections of the digital UV and IR article have been added.

Update 15 September, 2002: Initiated an update of the fonts used to make the pages easier to read on some platforms. Many new species added to the UV flower list.

Update 1 October, 2002: My site has become too frequently visited for the free counter services I have used. Not willing to pay the asking prices for their "premium" service, I've implemented my own counter which you now will find distributed all over the site. Concurrently, I have made a large number of editorial corrections on many pages. And last but not least, the Tripod Collar Blues story is published.

Update 2 November, 2002: More details about matrix chip modification of old lenses are added. My Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 55 mm lens is now functional with all new Nikons thanks to its matrix chip, the implantation of which is described here. All earlier opening page images are now collected in the Front Pages gallery.

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