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My first weeks with a Hasselblad XPan camera

I was present at the Press Release for Hasselblad XPan in July, 1998, and immediately ordered a camera which I eventually got 3 months later. As many know by now, this is a dual-format camera supporting panorama 24 x 65 mm as well as ordinary 24 x 36 mm format in a small, neat rangefinder package. Read my review for more details. Details and information on the camera can be obtained by visiting the XPan site of Hasselblad.

I bought the XPan with a 45 mm f/4 lens and added the 90 mm f/4 lens a few days later. The image below is taken with the 90 mm lens.

© Bjørn Rørslett/NN 1999

Mountain Sunset by XPan

To see other pictures taken with the XPan, please follow the links indicated below,

Autumn Beeches (My very first XPan picture)
Barbed Wire
Lowered Flag & Ice on R. Glåma
Ice patterns
Outhouse Foundation
Frozen Sedges
Winter Road
Winter Car

I use a Nikon LS-2000 scanner for scanning my XPan images. In fact, although this is a 24 x 36 mm format scanner, all you need is a slight modification of the strip-film adapter and some post-processing in Photoshop (takes just a few seconds).


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