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The vector of Lyme's disease caught in the act

This little "femme fatale" also known as a sheep tick, recently caused me nearly six months of agonising pain, paralysis of arms and legs, and months of hospital treatment hooked up to an IV line feeding me with strong antibiotics. The infamous Lyme's disease struck towards the end of of my field testing of the D700 in August, 2008, and thwarted my intentions of completing this review. So much for making careful plans - the life of a nature photographer always carries with it random unpredictable events. Whatever I found out about the D700 is published
here, so if you're new-comer on the FX scene, meander over and have a look into the D700 diary at Nikongear.com.

However, as a small consolation, there now is the new camera shown below, the D3X with an FX sensor of 24.5 MPix, that has fallen into my eager hands.So far only a pre-production camera has been available, but I'll get my production sample in early December, 2008, and will commence comprehensive testing including a reevaluation of a number of Nikkor lenses on the D3X.

I'm planning a batch of customised matrix chips for Nikkor lenses early next year. When plans and estimates of costs are finalised, I'll put up a pre-order notice. Please note I will only provide the chips, programmed to exact specifications of your lens, and not offer to do the lens modification itself.

Due to some recent incidents with obnoxious e-mails, I urge anyone contemplating to send me an e-mail read my contact page carefully. I will enforce stricter rules to reduce these issues. Please also note that while I do read all e-mails, I cannot gurantee that an e-mail will be answered unless it deals with picture orders and suchlike. I need time to do "normal" business" and spending working hours sifting through e-mails asking for free advice won't earn me much.

  • I have decided I needed a break from unpaid review work, so my site will be updated less frequently than before. This in order to do more of what's important to me, enjoying photography being amongst these things. Doesn't hurt to earn money either.

    However, having a time-out does not imply I'm resting on any laurels. Nor does this mean I "switched" to another brand. I'm just tired of the emphasis on technicalities, that's all. This probably will change for the better later this autumn. Time will show.

    Thus, I will continue to add IR (and when applicable) UV ratings to my
    lens review pages. A review of the di-GPS devices recently has been added to the review pages. More is in the works as well.

    My photo agency for general nature and feature work is
    Samfoto (Oslo, Norway). Scientific images for the international market, in particular UV photos, will be handled by Science Photo Library (London, UK).

    An online portfolio showcasing my recent work is exhibited
    here, additional images can be found at www.moversoflight.com.

    For anyone interested in DIY modifications of Nikkors, I have a small number of surplus CPU prints for sale. Contact me directly by e-mail or phone.
  • The reviews of the 105 VR Micro-Nikkor and 18-200 VR Nikkor review are posted (some recent incidents unfortunately delayed their publication)

  • I've decided to cancel all tuition activity in 2007. This is because my new commitments occupy much of my time. Sorry but the day has only 24 hours.
  • The Guestbook is relaunched in another format. Scroll down the page to add your message. You have to submit following the instructions there, this to avoid spambots. If any spam message slips through, it will be deleted immediately. The same applies to anonymous contributions be they positive or negative. Remain sure that I'm not yielding to Internet spam or abuse.

    I've set a honey trap for the spammers and it's funny to see how they fall into it. Give the morons back what they do deserve !
  • Nikon D2X: The New Digital Flagship from the Land of the Rising Sun

    Review includes shoot-out with Canon 1 DS Mk. II - Which camera will be the last one standing? With Major Update

    Portfolio is now online at ultraviolet.foto.no. Meander over and have a look. Please note images exhibited there are large and your monitor should preferably run with 1280 x 1024 or higher resolution.

    Just added a new series of D2X images for you all to enjoy.

  • The full review of the AFS 200 mm f/2 ED IF VR G Nikkor is here (updated) and if you need a longer reach, why not look into the new AFS 300 mm f/2.8 VR Nikkor as well
  • AFS Nikkor 12-24 mm f/4 G ED-IF DX: Full Review With Recent Updates and Shooting Experiences Added
  • Chips to the Rescue: Modifying an extension tube to give full matrix metering with manual macro lenses
  • Tripod Collar Blues: Getting to Know the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and Ways to Improve the Situation

Explore the Hidden Message of Flowers !

Visible Light UV Light
  • Yesterday's News (But Still Refreshing) are located here (more entries have been moved into that page)

About This Site

This site is all about Nature Photography, thus web design has been kept simple and according to current whims it is even quaint and old-fashioned. Nothing flashy will ever surprise you here. Don't send me e-mails suggesting "improvements" because I'm simply not interested. This is a personal site and you have to indulge in me, so be it. Recently, I've restructured the site for visitors with JavaScript disabled. Java is no longer supported. Please report back if any problems arise.

I optimised these pages for 1024 x 768 resolution, and a true-colour monitor. To ensure fast loading all images on my site are fairly low resolution and see substantial JPEG compression. Thus, original image sharpness cannot be ascertained from these images.

Currently, my site receives some 10 million hits each year, and the traffic is increasing all the time. Hence I have been forced to move the site to a more powerful server in order to keep up with the demand. Although my expenses incurred by this move are not negligible, the site itself always will be non-commercial and freely available to anyone interested in my takes on Nature Photography. That can be considered a promise. People keep asking me about a PayPal button for donations, but any such feature will not appear here.

I'm in the process of removing all call-back code for collecting web statistics. With the current rate of 1 million hits each month, expenses from this service have increased enormously and I need to keep my financial outlays down. The benefit is that I pay less in the future and the pages probably load faster.

This Web site is updated quite frequently, so be sure to check back in the near future. Major events of the site update history are detailed here.

And for all of you missing the "old" image of Water Lobelia featured on this page, the link is right here. Just click it. How could the opening page possibly be without a UV image? Don't despair, visit "Today's Image" or peruse the UV section of my site - it's still there, somewhere. For yet more UV images, visit my article on digital UV and IR.

All images on this site are copyright Bjørn Rørslett/NN except when noted. Any use of images outside this site is illegal without a written permission from the photographer. Linking the web page on which the image resides, or even directly to the image, is the only legal way in using my images unless a written agreement exists.

The answer to questions asked many times: NO, I'm not affiliated in any way with Nikon or their associated parties ( I just like to use such equipment), and NOBODY pays me for testing any equipment be it from Nikon or other products. And YES, I have to purchase everything as all other people do. My photography pays off so I manage quite well, thank you. Just in case you were wondering.

Using the greyscale above, calibrate your monitor so as to make each segment of the grey scale stand out clearly. This procedure ensures a better rendition of my Web pictures.

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